Aquarium Corals​

The ocean is home to spectacular shallow-water coral reefs abundant with life and color. With the right knowledge and equipment, you can design an exquisite coral environment in your own home aquarium.

A Few Facts About Corals

While often referred to as the rainforests of the sea, corals are not plants, they are sea creatures, marine invertebrates, to be precise. They usually live in small colonies of seperate-yet-identical polyps. Their are several coral species, all are fragile and require specific living conditions. As a whole, they need a lot of light, so you should prioritize the lighting system you install. They’re also sensitive to certain toxins, such as phosphates and nitrates, which means you should install a good filtration system.

Corals are Delicate, It’s Your Job to Protect Them

When deciding on which fish to place in your coral reef aquarium, make sure you choose non-aggressive species that don’t eat coral. You should also consider adding water vertebrates that can help clean the glass and water and remove toxins. Just take care to choose the variety that won’t eat or destroy your coral reef. 
Finally if you don’t yet trust your knowledge and skills you can invest in a reef-ready aquarium system, which takes away a lot of the guesswork.

Gil Smolinski reef aquarium - Moon Coral

Moon Coral

The official name for this strange and beautiful coral is the Favia coral, but it’s more commonly known as Moon Coral, Star Coral, Closed Brain

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Gil Smolinski Coral guide - Hedgehog coral

Hedgehog Coral

The Hedgehog Coral comes in neutral colors ranging from amber to cream, tan, and dark brown. It also comes in vibrant green, mustard yellow, purple,

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Gil Smolinski coral guide - Fox coral

The Fox Coral

Also known as the Ridge Coral and the Jasmine Coral, this eye-catching coral is a relatively rare light green or brownish pink coral. Colonies of

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Gil Smolinski Coral Guide - Kenya Tree Coral

The Kenya Tree Coral

The Kenya Tree coral is one of the best corals that beginners can keep. It is almost invincible once it’s established in the aquarium, it

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Gil Smolinski - Coral Profile - Pulsing Xenia

The Pulsing Xenia Coral

Adding the stunning Pulsing Xenia coral to a home aquarium can either be an excellent decision or an absolute nightmare. This fascinating coral is also

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Gil Smolinski aquarium blog - open brain corals

Open Brain Coral

The Open Brain coral is a brightly colored, highly attractive, unique stony coral. While these corals are able to form colonies, they tend to be

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Gil Smolinski Saltwater Aquarium - Coral guide - Elephant Ear coral

Elephant Ear Corals

The Elephant Ear coral is a large mushroom or toadstool coral with interesting folds on the cap, giving it a ruffled look once it has

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Gil Smolinski Reef Aquarium - Acropora coral

Acropora Coral

The Acropora is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral that has over 149 species, including Staghorn, Elkhorn, and Table coral. It is a robust reef-building

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Bubble corals

Bubble Corals

Bubble corals are some of the most unique looking corals available for home aquariums. They can look like clusters of bubbles or they can be

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Gold color finger leather coral profile

Finger Leather Corals

Finger corals tend to be popular since they are great looking, tough, and can be cared for easily. Although they generally tend to be brown

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close up on green start polyps

Green Star Polyps

Green star polyps are strikingly beautiful, and they glow! This makes this type of coral a popular addition to marine aquariums. Green star polyps are

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button zoanthids

Button Polyps (Zoanthids)

Known as some of the easiest corals to keep, button polyps provide visual magic without the need for complicated care. These corals are beautiful and

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