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Finger Leather Corals

Finger corals tend to be popular since they are great looking, tough, and can be cared for easily. Although they generally tend to be brown or cream in color, there are also types that range from red, yellow, and green to brown and purple. They are also known for growing quite quickly.

Care level: Easy to moderate


Finger leather corals may need to be fed micro-plankton if light is not bright enough to support zooxanthellae. They keep their polyps out while they feed, and they retract their polyps as they capture nutrients.

Aquarium Care

Finger leather corals need a typical reef environment with some fish for organic matter. It is important that the aquarium have high direct lighting and moderate water flow. Finger leather corals also need a lot of space because they grow very quickly.

Finger Leather Coral

Possible Issues

Even though this type of coral is hardy and adaptable, it may contract diseases like flatworms, jelly infections, and black band disease. This is usually caused by shock, stress, or pests.


Finger leather corals are very aggressive and may be toxic. They tend to release terpenes, which are poisons used to ward off enemies. These are toxic to other corals, especially some stony coral types. As a result, finger leather corals should be given their own space.

Fun Facts

When finger leather corals begin to degenerate, they shed tiny sclerites that make them look like they are shedding snowflakes!

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