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Marine Fish for a Home Aquarium​

There are thousands of species of fish in the ocean many of which have survived for millions of years. They have adapted to changing conditions, developing effective defense systems and learning how to hide from natural predators.

Moving Isn’t Easy, Even for Fish

When fish are moved from their ocean home to an aquarium, the rules change considerably. Their ability to hide is diminished leaving them vulnerable to predator fish that may be in the aquarium with them. Furthermore, the ocean provides an endless supply of food. If they can’t find sustenance in one place, the fish can simply swim to a better location.

In the aquarium, swimming space is restricted, and there will be more competition for the food you provide. 
So, you must do your research and pay careful attention to the nature and needs of the fish you select for your home aquarium.

Some Basics to Consider

You shouldn’t place large predatory fish in your aquarium with smaller fish who will become their food supply.
There are territorial issues which you can overcome if you put all your fish into the aquarium at the same time.
It will be important to understand the mating and hatching habits of fish species as in some cases it will cause conflict in your aquarium.

Fish Swimming
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