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About Gil Smolinski

Gil Smolinski is an angel investor who has been developing multinational businesses for the past 30 years. He has focused on the Israeli startup sector since about 2010 and has invested in quite a few companies that have been incredibly successful. He firmly believes in taking the lessons that he has learned along the way and using them to help others.

Smolinski also loves to read books and dive the seas. He is privileged to have been able to experience some of the best dive sites the world has to offer. In an attempt to bring some of that magnificence home, he built a large-scale reef aquarium in his living room that allows him to continue observing firsthand and learning about the wonder of life under the seas.


While he thoroughly enjoys having such an aquarium in his home, Gil is the first to admit that it is not so simple to maintain. In this blog, in the spirit of using the knowledge that he has accumulated to help others, Gil Smolinski shares information about how best to keep such a mini-ecosystem, the equipment that should be used, and the right fish to place inside.

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