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Green Star Polyps

Green star polyps are strikingly beautiful, and they glow! This makes this type of coral a popular addition to marine aquariums. Green star polyps are bright purple to reddish with very green tentacles. They are the ideal coral to start with for those interested in making an attempt at propagation techniques.

Care level: Easy


Green star polyps use light and zooxanthellae as a food source, absorbing microparticles from their environment. No active feeding is required.


Aquarium care

A typical reef environment is ideal, along with some fish to produce organic matter. It is recommended that a colony of green star polyps be kept on a rock separate from others as they are inclined to take over other corals as they spread. Most types of lighting will be suitable, and good water flow is required.

Possible Issues

Green star polyps are susceptible to the buildup of detritus, slime, and filamentous algae as well as certain anemones growing between its stalks. To prevent this, water flow should be set at moderate to turbulent levels. If an area is infected, simply cut it off and allow the healthy parts to regrow.

Green Star Polyps


Known as a very aggressive coral, green star polyps will easily take over the tank. They are also vulnerable to being stung and should thus be isolated with sand.

Fun facts

Green star polyps are known as a great indicator of water quality and flow. If they do not open up, it is a clear sign that something is wrong with the water.

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