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Bubble Corals

Bubble corals are some of the most unique looking corals available for home aquariums. They can look like clusters of bubbles or they can be shaped like flattened cones that eventually grow into curved walls. Even though these corals are quite fragile and can puncture easily, but they are not too difficult to care for and they thrive once they’re settled in a suitable environment.

Care Level: Easy to moderate


Although zooxanthellae algae take care of some of these corals’ nutritional requirements through photosynthesis, they sometimes need supplemental food like mysis shrimp.

Bubble Coral

Aquarium Care

Stable water conditions with low to moderate flow and moderate lighting are required. A well-fed live rock or reef environment is needed along with some fish for organic matter. Bubble corals thrive in a more mature aquarium.

Possible Issues

These types of corals are vulnerable to flatworms and algae. They are also susceptible to diseases such as brown jelly, which is an infection that looks like it sounds and is usually caused by poor water quality. These are all highly treatable maladies that do not require specialized care.

green bubble coral


Bubble corals are particularly aggressive and need their personal space with no other corals in physical contact. They do not do well under bright light so it will not be possible to house them with fish who need this to thrive.

Fun Facts

It is very interesting to watch bubble corals feed. They have “sweeper” tentacles that can be as much as four times longer than their other tentacles. This is what they use to sting other corals if they get too close!

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