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Size: Up to around six centimeters Lifespan: Up to five years Temperament: Very peaceful and social Diet: Omnivore Care Level: Moderate


Mollies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and require a relatively simple level of care. Some mollies create a lot of waste so you’ll need a good filtration system. They also prefer a tank that has a lot of décor and they really enjoy plants. Mollies are known to be generally peaceful fish and only show aggression when the tank is overcrowded or if they are confronted by aggressive fish. It is interesting to watch mollies being social—you may begin noticing their different personalities.

Molly species variety

Common Mollies come in various colors like red, silver, gold, platinum, and green. Dalmatian Mollies have white bodies and black spots. Marble Mollies have orange, yellow, and black spots. Sailfin Mollies also come in various colors and have large dorsal fins. Lyretail Mollies have large caudal fins.

Molly fish 3

Fun Facts

Mollies are livebearers. This means they hold their eggs until they give birth to live little fishes in the water. Mollies do their part to help keep the tank clean—they love eating algae!

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