Aquarium Equipment​

A home aquarium requires attention and ongoing maintenance to fulfil its potential. In addition to selecting fish, corals, and crustaceans, you need to choose your aquarium equipment. Good equipment that is suited to your needs will help you keep your tank clean and water-species healthy.

Fish Tank

There are many factors to consider when choosing aquarium equipment. First there’s the tank itself. You must define the size of your aquarium based on the number and types of fish you intend to keep, and decide between acrylic or glass walls. If you have the space and budget, you might want to go with a larger tank which will give your fish plenty of space, and reward you a larger viewing area.


Your filtration system is your next priority. Unlike the ocean, here you can’t rely on currents to clean debris and other impurities. You will need to select a power filtration system that will replicate the natural ocean and keep the overall environment healthy. There are also protein skimmers you can use to remove the organic compounds that otherwise become toxins.


Sufficient light is vital to the health of your fish and corals. There are several different lighting systems on the market, from traditional to cutting-edge LED. Choose the system that is best suited to your pocket and marine life.

Information regarding various types of aquarium equipment is coming soon…