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Size: Up to six centimeters Lifespan: More than five years Temperament: Prone to some aggression Diet: Omnivore Care Level: Moderate to easy

Blue Chromis

Damselfish are feisty and full of energy. They tend to be territorial and enjoy hiding out among rocks. Of all the fish for beginners, the damselfish is probably the most challenging because they tend to be more aggressive than others. To keep them calm and happy, make sure they have a lot of little spaces around the tank where they can hide.

Damselfish species variety

The different species of damselfish all have very different temperaments and personalities. One of the most popular types of damselfish for home aquariums is the Chromis. Green Chromis and Blue Reef Chromis are full of personality and have stunning appearances. They are also quite peaceful, except amongst themselves. Azure Damselfish are a striking blue with yellow fins and Three Stripe Damselfish are white with three black stripes. Both are hardy and recommended for beginners. Although Yellowtail Blue Damselfish are stunning as well, they are more territorial and not as suitable to those new to keeping fish. Also known as Blue Devils, Blue Damselfish are the most temperamental. It is advisable for beginners to start with the more docile species of damselfish.

yellowtail blue damselfish

Yellowtail Blue Damselfish

Fun facts

Some damselfish are cannibals! They can eat up to 25% of their young.

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