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If you have gone scuba diving or visited a major underwater aquarium, you know first-hand about the beauty of the ocean environment.


Thousands of species of fish, crustaceans, vertebrates and spectacular coral reefs fill the world’s seas. You can bring a taste of this incredible beauty into your own home by designing a saltwater home aquarium.

A home aquarium can serve as a unique focus in your home, providing endless enjoyment not only for you, but for your friends and family. While you can get started relatively easily, you do need to do your research and become familiar with all the aspects of owning a home aquarium.

It Takes Planning

If you wish to set out on this journey, you should know that running out to your local aquarium store and buying what appeals to you is not the way. You need to study the space requirements for different species, their territorial, predatory and mating issues, and other details that ensure a safe and healthy environment. You will also want to learn about different types of home aquariums (there are many).

Visualize. Learn. Assess

Begin with a vision. Once you have visualize your dream aquarium, juxtapose your vision with reality. Educate yourself. Learn all you can about the fish, corals and water plants you’re interested in.


When you know more about the conditions you need, create a sketch and a good assessment of your home space with an eye toward lighting, temperature and floor stability. Last but not least, make an honest assessment of yourself—how much of your time can you truly invest in maintaining your home aquarium? 

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