Gil Smolinski

Gil Smolinski Reef Aquarium - Acropora coral

Acropora Coral

The Acropora is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral that has over 149 species, including Staghorn, Elkhorn, and Table coral. It is a robust reef-building coral and can come in a variety of colors, including purple, yellow, green, and baby blue. Acropora corals are highly sought after because of their phenomenal growth rates and stunning, …

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gil smolinski - cory catfish profile

Cory Catfish

Cory Catfish are popular bottom-dwelling fish who live up to their dazzling reputations in all sorts of ways. They are super friendly and so peaceful that they won’t even bother the smallest creature in the tank.

Bubble corals

Bubble Corals

Bubble corals are some of the most unique looking corals available for home aquariums. They can look like clusters of bubbles or they can be shaped like flattened cones that eventually grow into curved walls. Even though these corals are quite fragile and can puncture easily, but they are not too difficult to care for …

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