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Gil Smolinski reef aquarium - Moon Coral

Moon Coral

The official name for this strange and beautiful coral is the Favia coral, but it’s more commonly known as Moon Coral, Star Coral, Closed Brain Coral, and Honeycomb Coral. These corals grow in large, dome-shaped colonies with colors ranging from green, brown, and yellow to brighter red, orange, and blue. Moon Corals typically grow in …

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Gil Smolinski Coral guide - Hedgehog coral

Hedgehog Coral

The Hedgehog Coral comes in neutral colors ranging from amber to cream, tan, and dark brown. It also comes in vibrant green, mustard yellow, purple, and pink. The center of the coral usually has a contrasting color. There is a lot of variety in this interesting coral’s size and growth pattern, even within the same …

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Gil Smolinski coral guide - Fox coral

The Fox Coral

Also known as the Ridge Coral and the Jasmine Coral, this eye-catching coral is a relatively rare light green or brownish pink coral. Colonies of this type of coral form long valleys with separate walls. These walls are generally thin and look like a ridge. Over time, and in the right conditions, the polyps will …

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Gil Smolinski aquarium blog - open brain corals

Open Brain Coral

The Open Brain coral is a brightly colored, highly attractive, unique stony coral. While these corals are able to form colonies, they tend to be solitary. The Open Brain coral comes in a great variety of colors including bright green, blue, pink, red, or yellow and are usually attached to something solid like a stone …

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Gil Smolinski - saltwater aquarium - common diseases in saltwater corals

Identifying and Treating Common Diseases in Saltwater Corals

A Brief Guide to Common Coral Diseases Just like fish and aquatic plants, corals are living creatures and are vulnerable to certain diseases. To keep your corals healthy, it’s a good idea to learn about the most common diseases that affect them, the underlying causes, and of course, how to prevent or treat them. This …

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